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  • helpergency app
    mustafa bohra Mustafa Bohra

    Helpergency App

    HELPERGENCY (Help + Emergency) is an app that assists people in times of crisis, such as a fire, accident, witnessing a crime, and so on. Its an app that allows users to send messages in different languages, and helps people through video assistance and also includes a feature for safe travelling and SOS signal incase of no internet or data. The app also transmits your location to the operator so its easy to find you location.

  • rohith prem r Rohith Prem R

    Koyo App

    Origin of anime hails from Japan, but the popularity of Anime is growing with every single day. This Project is Designed for such Anime Lovers.

    Koyo is an Anime Streaming Platform where people can watch their Favourite Anime, Read Manga or Shop for Anime Merchandise all in one single application. It is a One stop solution for all Anime related needs.

    koyo app
  • Learn Grow Heal
    mustafa bohra Amit Kumar Pradhan

    Learn Grow Heal

    Working from home has become a need for most businesses, organizations, and institutions. It's just been a year since individuals started working remotely, and they're already tired of it. Employees' entire physical and mental well-being has suffered a lot. The Heal app will help them better their mental and physical health from WFH burnout and ZOOM fatigue.

  • mustafa bohra Amit Kumar Pradhan

    Travello App

    As COVID-19 continues the world evolves to a new normal. There has been a behavioural shift in people during the pandemic, people are now very concerned about their safety and hygiene while planning for a vacation. This application will help users to book hotel rooms, make them aware of the COVID safety norms that are being taken to ensure their safety and promote contactless operations so that the users can enjoy their vacations without worrying about safety.

    travello app
  • bookstop app
    kritika vaid Kritika Vaid

    BookStop App

    Bookstop is an app for all your book reading needs. It is one-stop app where you can read or listen to books, form book clubs with your friends or meet fellow bibliophiles. Users can even share their personal reading lists with their friends & families or save prominent figures reading lists. This app also helps its users in being consistent with their reading & helps in making it as a habit by setting reading goals & challenges in a fun way.

  • shrishti agarwal Shrishti Agarwal

    BMTC App

    The Idea is to make an app to support the public bus transport system by adding few features like online payment and tracking in order to make the journey hassle free and efficient.

    bmtc app
  • kaksha portal
    ankita shinde Ankita Shinde

    Kaksha Portal

    Amid the pandemic, educational institutions have shifted to online teaching, encompassing lectures, assignments, discussions, exams, attendance, and activities. Both students and teachers are adjusting to this new paradigm. A school portal is essential to streamline these processes, enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience.

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