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3 Essential Things Every UI/UX Designer Should Know About C.R.O - ITLH

Published on 06 Sep , 2022

C.R.O is an abbreviation for conversion rate optimization. It is the structured process of getting people to act once they reach your website. It can also be referred to as the process of improving the number of people that complete the desired action on your website or any other online channels.


Conversion rate optimization CRO and user experience (UX) both work on analytics and feedback to meet similar business goals.


Hyperfocus on the first impression to increase conversion


Website speed, structure, colors, spacing, scrolling, symmetry, amount of text, and fonts are a few crucial factors that determine users' first impression and initial experience with the website. Research shows that users form their opinion about your website in just 50 milliseconds. 


Make your website load faster. Speed matters - according to a survey, one second of delay in page load speed could cost eCommerce websites billions in sales each year. In our UI UX design course, we explain how can you improve your website load time - especially by using text instead of images/ video above the fold and applying CSS icon fonts instead of images.


Generally, confused users are less likely to convert. So try to make your website design simple and familiar. Don’t go for unconventional layouts and disruptive website designs.


Simplify the user experience to improve conversions


Whenever possible, strive for clarity and ease of use because it is important for both user experience and CRO. Always streamline your user experience by designing buttons that are self-explanatory and user-friendly. Such a simpler but functional design approach can help eCommerce websites sell more as well. 


In ITLH’s user experience design courses, we equip you with approaches used to emphasize your message by using the appropriate website’s visual hierarchy. We also teach you how to pick the right fonts for your design that resonate with things and help you amplify the impact of your message. 


Develop persuasive but ethical designs


With persuasion, emotion, trust, design framework you can improve usability and increase the user conversion metric. The foremost step is removing the actual barriers by making buttons and CTAs on your website easy to find and interact with. Then focus on changing your on-page design to build more trust.


In our UX design course online, we teach you how to improve user experience by removing potential barriers to perform an action. How to gradually build trust in order to pursue people to take action on your website, and how to provide users with emotional triggers in form of interactive UI functions to perform an action.


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