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8 Principles Of Good User Interface Design

Published on 06 Sep , 2022

Design must solve user pain points and should make the user navigation process easier. Designing an intuitive user interface is hard, but the following principle might help you to achieve a good user interface design.


Define Your Target Audience


User interface design should be audience-centric. In-depth research and evaluation of the target audience’s expectations will help build a great application with a higher retention metric. A constant stream of feedback will always help you improve the usability index of your application.  


Consistent Design Pattern


Do not surprise your users with a radical change and a completely different user interface. Try to follow consistency in your style throughout your application.


User Action Application Response Pair


The user tends to click a button on the screen with an expectation of receiving feedback. No feedback might deteriorate the user experience. Animations, pop-ups, etc should be used as a user feedback action.


User Familiarity With Existing UI Elements


Your design should feel obvious to the end-user. The user’s familiarity with UI elements can ease their navigation process and might improve your application’s usage time. 


Visually Appealing


Your visual interface must reflect the core purpose and personality of your company or brand. Your button design, color palette, and other elements should deliver the authentic brand story.


Proactive Approach

A proactive approach will foresee the future needs and perform possible behavioral predictions of the end-user on your application. During the holiday season, your application UI should direct users towards the holiday gifts purchase page rather than something else. We have included such sections in our UI design course online.


Design Gesture Limitation


The accompanied gestures or actions required to perform the task the user wants to accomplish requires clarity. If tapping is sufficient enough to access and open a file across all applications on the respective platform then other gestures like swiping up would not be a convenient alternative to accessing the file for your application.


Compliant To Standards Of Design


Your UI design should not make the user struggle to perform tasks and actions on your application. Apple Mac OS, Apple IOS, Google Chromium browser, Google Android Studio for android applications as well as other platforms are strict about their user interface guidelines.


Each platform where your application will be hosted tends to come with pre-mentioned user interface design guidelines and conditions that play an important role in user experience and user journey throughout the application.


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