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How To Become A Professional UI/UX Designer: Step-By-Step Guide By UIUX Global

Published on 06 Sep , 2022

With the rise of digital technology, UX UI design has become a more lucrative profession to pursue a career in the long term. On top of that, having certification after completion of the UI UX design course will always help boost the probability of success in your industry. The following guide is provided by UIUX Global to help aspiring UI UX designers to have flourishing and successful designing careers.


Master the fundamentals of UX design:

Mastering the UI/UX design skills means mastering both the hard technical skills crucial for the role and the soft skills required for teamwork. It is crucial to develop technical skills such as user research and strategy, wireframing and prototyping, user interface design, responsive web design, and others. Opting for the best UI UX courses online can be a great choice as they provide a structured curriculum, help develop essential skills, and fast-track the design career.


Learn and practice key design tools:

Once you grasp how to execute UX design projects in theory - quickly implement it and start practicing. Frequently working on new and interesting projects can help you master the skills and gain experience as you face more challenges. In the UI UX designing process, a diverse range of tools is employed to achieve an impressive result and a better user experience. Some of the best wireframing tools used by designers as well as the recommended by the best UI UX design course online are Sketch, Illustrator, InVision Studio, Adobe XD, Axure, Figma, and Marvel. And for interface design, photoshop is one of the best product in the market for designers.


Build your own projects and develop your UI UX skills:

Good designs are often achieved with the help of little inspiration from other designers’ work. In our course we suggest candidates start their designing process after studying and carefully observing other designers’ work. It is really helpful if you are in the early stages of your career and are still practicing designing skills, not for publishing purposes. It is also important to develop essential soft skills such as project management, collaboration, and communication - as well as the ability to understand the user’s perspective - to achieve better designs.  


Develop a well-structured impressive portfolio:

The first thing you should be doing after completing the user interface design course is building out your professional work portfolio so that you can quickly apply for jobs. Prior to building your portfolio, it is better to have some sort of objectives that are in accordance with the company you are planning to apply to. So it is also important to conduct in-depth background research regarding the company you're aiming to apply to in the future. Always add your personal and authentic touch so that your portfolio could be a genuine reflection of who you are. Make sure your portfolio depicts your unique skills, the design process that you have developed during the courses and the creativity you possess. 


Apply for relevant UX design jobs:

After completing the user experience design courses, you can apply for a diverse range of positions such as UX Designer, User Researcher, UX Researcher, Usability Tester, Information Architect, Experience Designer, Interaction Designer, Information Architect, UX strategist, and several others. Being a UI designer, you can work across a wide range of industries and sectors.




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