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The UX Design Process: 6 Stages To Design A Better Interface

Published on 02 Sep , 2022

With the UX design process, designers can dissect a large project into smaller and manageable chunks of tasks. Such approaches enable designers to solve a diverse range of difficult problems. 


The entire UX design process is broken down into 6 steps that should be kept in mind while designing for a client or handling a project. While going through the process, do remember to keep a record of all your ideas and sketches that help shape the final output.


Define And Understand The Problem


Without defining the problem accurately enough, designers won’t be able to find the optimum solution for their clients. As a business owner, one would prefer to hire UI designers who first and foremost understand the user’s pain points and brand requirements. After all, according to their understanding, the designer will set the foundation for the final product.


Do The Research And Gather Information


In the initial stages of the design process, it is extremely important to gather information in the form of sketches, photographs, and data that can provide you with sufficient inspiration. It is important to know that you are not developing designs solely based on assumptions. Employers hire UX designers who are aware of the various research methods such as interviews, group conversations, surveys, and others that can be of immense value to the final design.


Analyze The Information


Now, in this phase, you must start sketching only after thoroughly studying and understanding exactly how the accumulated data and information can impact your initial designs. You must know how to analyze the gathered data to understand the end-users, especially their goals, backgrounds, age, gender, preference, habits, needs, and possible pain points. It is also important that the hire UI UX designers prepare a convenient and easy user journey map that depicts users’ interaction with the product.



Develop Suitable Design


After brainstorming, take those preliminary ideas and convert them into multiple small-scale prototype design solutions that can spark even better solutions. Out of site map, user flow, mockups, images, icons, colors - wireframe is the most important thing. As UX designers will have to design, redesign, scrap multiple versions, and design everything from scratch.


Beta Launch


It's time to test the design ideas. So share them with as many people as possible within your professional network. You must be aware of different types of tests such as usability testing and internal testing. Also, you must ensure that everyone clearly communicates all possible issues that may arise during the testing process.


Gather Feedback From Users To Improve


Gather user experience feedback and insightful comments from each and every person you shared your work with. After collecting feedback, assess them and incorporate the one that adds value to the end-user. The designers can also make their design process effective by making necessary changes that refine and clarify the final design output.


UX design process will always change in parallel to the business and product requirements. It is important to develop design processes and approaches that perfectly work for you and for your clients.


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